Motos, moto marshals, motorcycle escorts. They go by many names but are often a vital component when organising a running or cycling event.

Typical New Zealand courses are tight and often normal cars struggle to get through. Motorcycles are manoeuvrable, small and can achieve tasks more easily, safely and effectively.

What we can do

Our roles vary based on the requirements for each event and the organiser’s requests. Some of our roles have included:

  • Safety Escort – Increasing the presence of event participants through a continuous flow of motorcycles in the area. This may include working with police to maintain a rolling road closure. Through patrolling of a lap style course we are constantly checking on athletes and resolving issues as they occur.
  • Lead Escort – Giving an advanced warning to other motorists of something ahead and allowing the leading group to have a guide on the course. We can also carry transponders for athlete location on course.
  • Technical Official Transport – For events such as Triathlon and Ironman, officials are a vital part of the race and motorcycles are the best vehicle for ensuring compliance with rules and allow communication between athlete and official.
  • Media Transport – All events need media coverage and the media need safe transport that has a low impact on the event. This includes still photo, video and live to air or streaming.
  • Other transport – From transporting medics to doctors and VIPs, motorcycles are the best option when working amongst crowds and participants.